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    - the breaking & entry skill, used for opening locked chests and doors and in making some tradeskill items

    - bring a friend, term from DAoC describing when a mob aggros and brings another mob along with it

    - an expression of disgust (example: "Bah, I got killed by a leet")

    - Spirit Tech Apparatus, a part used in the making of perennium weapons, is sometimes called a "barrel" since it produces the barrel of the weapon

    - a Notum Wars tower site

    - 1. Bronto Burger, usually refering to the Bronto Burger in Omni Entertainment 2. billboard, meaning the billboard on the hill in Old Athen, a common meeting spot 3. long ago refered to blaster beetle, a mob that was once hunted commonly for xp

    - Blinded Blackbird, an SMG weapon for fixers and soldiers that drops in Crypt of Home dungeon

    - be back later

    - usually refers to the beach area in Shadowlands right off the transporter to East Elysium, a popular spot for hunting hecklers

    - support beam, an atrox only 2hb weapon having the appearance of a large steal beam brandished for bashing with, beams are not used much any more but were once the de facto weapon for atrox enforcers

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