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beast, the
    - the final boss (apparently) of the Shadowlands

    - 1. the Belial Forest playfield on Rubi Ka 2. may also mean "boyfriend"

    - bumblef**k Egypt, a humorous name meaning a very remote and isolated location

big d
    - a dungeon at Sentinels in Mort, the higher level companion to little d, once a busy leveling location now rarely used

    - insurance scanning binds your character to the location where you scanned so you will resurrect there when you die, it also protects your xp and possessions

    - bio break, meaning to go afk to go to the bathroom

    - What happens when a nano (usually a nuke) is cast but then fails without any error messages or effects occurring

    - a hostile nano which causes a player's view of the game world to black out for it's duration, some blinds may also cause the player or mob it's cast upon to miss more

    - to run through a mission quickly, without killing anything, in order to complete the mission and receive a reward

    - biological metamorphosis, a nano skill

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