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    - a nano effect which mesmerizes a mob and makes it stop attacking, synonymous with mez

    - 1. the act of sitting and waiting for a unique mob or NPC to spawn, usually in order to kill it repetedly for item it has a small chance of dropping, generally considered to be a very poor method of achiving rarity in game design 2. to stay in one place k

    - carbonum armor, a popular tradeskill armor that increases the amount of NCU

    - derogatory term for game mechanics which create more "safe" types of environments where players are protected from being ganked and other unpleasantness, the term originates from a children's TV show

    - CAS Symbiotic armor, a premium armor created through tradeskills and requiring notum chips or fragments to make

    - the Central Artery Valley playfield on Rubi Ka

    - 1. city controller, the central device in an AI city, if the CC is damaged by aliens beyond a certain point it must be repaired before the city will fully function again 2. crowd control, see entry for crowd control

    - couldn't care less

    - Cyborg death squad armor. Fixer armor that drops from cyborgs

    - Customized IMI Desert Reet 1000, a nice pistol which drops from the Lab Director in Foreman's dungeon

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