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    - A certain type of player distinguished by a tendancy to use short curt sentances, type all in caps and generally behave in an obnoxious way (example: "CREDS PLZ!!! WTF?! HELLO??? R U ALL NUBI? I NEED CREDS!!")

damage team
    - A team with very little or no healing/calming support, relying strictly on damage output to survive.

    - Dark Ages of Camelot, another MMORPG

    - Deep Artery Valley

    - cyberdeck, a nanotech only item that boosts nanoskills, allows the use of certain programs but blocks access to conventional weapons

    - the amount of increase per "tick" to the health or nano pool, the speed of regeneration is determined by the amount of psychic skill for nano pool and stamina for hit points

    - Direct Damage, Nano's or Items that do damage directly to the target.

Death Loop
    - What happens to a player who is unfortunate enough to save at a scanner in hostile territory. If the character is then killed he will reappear near the scanner and more than likely be killed again by the local guards, killed again, comes back, killed agai

    - Nano programs or items used to decrease stats or abilities.

Die Neue Welt
    - the game's German server, formerly called RK3

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