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    - grid armor, a type of armor that fixers can summon and use which boosts their ability to evade attacks at a cost of greatly reduced armor class, grid armor comes in 4 types; GA1, GA2, GA3 and GA4

    - 1. attacking and killing a player far below one's level who has little or no chance of fighting back, although a legitimate tactic in mass combat, when done off the battlefield it is generally regarded as a cowardly and dishonorable act 2. to attack a pla

    - the Galway County playfield on Rubi Ka

    - guardian circuit board, a 5 slot NCU belt easily equipable at low levels dropped from GoT in TotW

    - Gamma Ejector, a nice low level SMG weapon which drops in Foreman's dungeon

    - girlfriend

    - gotta go pee (example: "sorry team, I shouldn't have had that 6th Mountain Dew, ggp again")

    - character that is weak ("I feel like a gimp! I can't kill anything" or "yo! you're such a gimp!" Generally not a nice thing to call others, so please don't)

    - good job, a nice thing to tell a team mate when they do well (example: "gj mezzing those adds")

    - almost Same as a ARK, but they get Paid. And actually work for FC.

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