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    - A sub genre of RPG games or a playing style, in which the objective is to kill, kill, kill with your swords, knifes, maces etc. This is often used derogatory about games that lack story or features to make role playing interesting.

    - Humidity Extractor, a line of NT buffs that restores your nano pool like a HoT restores health

heal delta
    - the amount of increase per "tick" to the hit point pool, the speed of regeneration is determined by the amount of stamina

Health Buff
    - Commonly refers to the doctor team max health buff line.

    - Large stone mobs that inhabit the brink areas of Shadowlands, due to the design of the Shadowlands playfields players will typically end up spending the majority of their time while leveling killing these mobs over and over in the same spots

    - Hold Hell at Bay, a ring required to survive in the Pandemonium zone, also provides a large amount of Nano Resist

    - Hollow Island, high level outdoor encounter in DAV characterized by increasingly powerful "rings" of foes

    - 1. the Hole In the Wall playfield on Rubi Ka 2. Hollow Island Weed, one of two end bosses of Hollow Island

    - Heal over Time, a nano that continously heals the target a few points at a time for it's duration (example:

    - hit points, represents the players health

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