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    - Lineage 2, another MMORPG

    - when trader's "ladder" their drains it means to cast one drain which gives them enough skills to cast a higher drain and so on

    - I won't attempt to define exactly what constitutes "lag" in a technical sense, but when used in game it refers to when the game stalls, stutters, jerks or slows down for whatever reason

lag monster
    - 1. a humorous name for lag (example: Sorry it took so long, I was fighting lag monster") 2. adventurer's Pit Lizard form is sometimes called this because of it's tendency to cause lag

    - is a buff where u get a screen surrounding u protecting uf from different kinds of dmg type, buffable by NTs end ENFs

    - Land Control Area

    - Link Dead, losing connection to the server. Also, "Link Death", a death attributed to going Link Dead.

    - gaining XP without taking part, ie afk in a dungeon while the team kills.

    - 1. elite, meaning a well connected high level player 2. the name of an adorable little two legged mob which anyone who has played the game has no doubt encountered

leet speak
    - a style of chat using intentional misspellings and substituting numbers for letters, taken to extremes it can be almost unreadable

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