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    - a defensive tank, a class who can absorb massive damage and whose role it is to pull aggro away from casters and other weaker team members, in AO the enforcer is the primary defensive tank profession

Medsuit, Treatment suit, Treatment gear
    - A set of treatment raising items used for installing implants, centered on a set of Omni Med clothing.

meep or m33p
    - exclamation made by fixers before they grid, comes from Roadrunner.. Meep! Meep! Woooosh! Hmm.. Roadrunner was blue too, and dodged everything. AND he ran faster than anything! OMG!

    - mercenaries, a group of high level unique mobs lead by Ian Warr which are periodically spawned at the primus camp in Eastern Fouls Plains, place holders must be killed in order to spawn an NPC named Otacustes (a.k.a. Ota) who is given a letter obtained th

merlin armor
    - collectively refers to a type of armor found in Inferno, so called because it mentions "Merlin" in the description (Examples: Moon Watcher Helmet, Vest of Torpid Sunrays)

    - 1. an abbreviation of "mesmerize," meaning to put a mob into a state of "sleep" where it will not attack until disturbed or the mez runs it course. 2. A type of pet available to MPs

    - a fashonable clothing store on Rubi Ka

    - matter metamorphosis, a nano skill

    - Meetmedere, a popular hangout for gankers due to the fact players must cross a PvP zone to use the grid entrance

    - Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, term for the type of game that AO is

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