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    - mostly used in Shadowlands to refer to mobs similar to dyna bosses on RK, named mobs are significant in that they drop pocket boss patterns and other desirable loot, some named mobs have an actually name like "Joe" others just have a special title, like "

    - 1. the AO equivelent of mana, sort of a fuel for using nano formulas which much be frequently replinished 2. nano formulas or crystals are sometimes refered to simply as nanos 3. the nanomage race

nanocost modifier
    - the percentage reduction of the nanocost of execution of nanoprograms (example: minus 50% nanocost leads to a nanoprogram which normally requires 500 nano to cost now only requires 250 nano)

nano crystal
    - an uninstalled nano formula

nano delta
    - the amount of increase per "tick" to the nano pool, the speed of regeneration is determined by the amount of psychic skill

nano formula
    - the AO equivelent of spells, nano formulas are purchased or found in the enviroment in the form of nano crystals which must be installed before use

    - Nascense, the lowest level playfield in Shadowlands

    - name used for neutrals

    - navigation, a category of skills (exapmle: "ugh, I have all dark blue nav skills")

    - Nano Containment Unit. Defines the number of friendly nano programs (buffs) your character can have at any given time.

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