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    - 1. north north, name used by Clanners on Rimor to describe the northernmost heckler spot along the east brink in Adonis 2. Nano Nanny, a utility for planning implants 3. nite nite, meaning goodnight

    - a type of item that cannot be traded or dropped in PvP

    - Same as newbie but could be considered a somewhat insulting term

    - 1. no problem 2. the nanoprogramming skill, an important skill used for assembling implants

    - non player character, a character in the game that is not controlled by a player, NPCs differ from "mobs" in that NPCs are not usually hunted for xp but rather function as vendors, guards, part of a quest or to serve some other purpose

    - north south, name used by Clanners on Rimor to describe the heckler spot just north of the redeemed village in Adonis

    - Nano Shutdown, an MP nano that debuffs all nano skills minus 2000, having an MP (or agent) along who can cast NSD is important in many high level raids to stop certain mobs from casting devastating area nukes

    - nano technician

    - a damage nano, usually direct damage, but can also be used to refer to AoE damage nanos.

    - Notum Wars, an expansion or "booster pack" for AO that added org vs. org battles for ownership of notum mining sites

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