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    - 1. full auto, a weapon special which empties the gun's full clip of bullets into the target 2. the fast attack melee weapon skill 3. the first aid skill

    - Fall/Falling/Fallen Asleep At Keyboard. Happens when you play AO too late at night without enough cuppas

    - a system of points which are acquired or lost by killing aligned mobs found in Shadowlands, you can see your faction by typing /open faction

    - doing something simple and repetitive with little risk to gain something, for example doing easy missions for tokens or killing friends over and over to get a PvP title

    - Funcom

feline grace
    - an often asked for agent's buff that raises agility

    - free for all 1. used in a team meaning loot goes to whoever grabs it first. 2. used at a raid to indicate loot will go to whichever team does the most damage and wins loot rights

    - Four Fists of Kali, a self only MA buff that raises the MA skill +140

    - for f**k sake

    - Final Fantasy XI, another MMORPG

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