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    - An Enforcer or other character with good armor and melee expertise. Used as humanshield for nano wielders, who are more vulnerable to melee attack. Also known as a Meatshield.

tank mage
    - a term originated in Ultima Online, where mages could become so powerful it upset game balance, because they had both good armor, and good offensive weapons.

tara or tarasque
    - a dragon in the camelot dungeon.

    - to be honest

    - The Brood Mother, one of two end bosses of Hollow Island

    - Tir County

    - the, a common spelling error that has become a deliberate part of game speak

    - thanks

TIM or T.I.M.
    - a unique mob in the form of a giant slayerdroid found at the end of the Biomare dungeon in The Longest Road, T.I.M. drops an item called HUD Upgrade: Enhanced Target Acquisition which raises ranged init by a fairly large amount

    - Trash King, a huge robot mob in Athen Shire that is part of a quest

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