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    - Low Light Targeting Scope, an item popular for high level PvP that no longer drops in game and so is very valuable and prized. It increases critical hit chances, but inflicts a penalty to initiatives, also ELLTS for Extreme

    - Ljotur the Lunatic, minor raid mob in DAV

    - Laughing my ass off

    - Laughing out Loud

    - level

L337 or l33t
    - Elite, specifically au fait with computers, hacking or games. Pronounced "Leet". E.g. "Me 1337. U [suXXor!]".

    - The time taken to deliver a packet of data from the source to the receiver, i.e. the server to your PC. Commonly measured in milliseconds. Latency and bandwidth are the most influential factors governing the speed and stability of your Internet connection

    - A player who is lame, i.e. they cheat, they're bad at the game or they're arsing about, not playing the game properly.

    - Striking a [mob] in combat with another player, to steal a little of the XP reward given upon the mob's death. Much frowned upon.

    - Laughing My F***** Ass Off

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